The Band

Corvus Corax – The Kings of Minstrels

Driving rhythms, ancestral melodies and the sound of bygone times: With fascinatingly large drums and self-built bagpipes, Corvus Corax bring the tunes of old times to life.

With their work, the Berlin musicians have shaped our current understanding of medieval music. Their impact on the music scene ranges from Moscow to Mexico City, they have toured Japan and China, the USA and Canada as well as all over Europe.

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After more than 30 years of medieval music, they can look back on countless albums and the most diverse projects. With their mystical and legendary albums like “Mille Anni Passi Sunt” they brought ancient gods and legends to life, with albums like “Gimlie” and “Sverker” they worked up Celtic and Nordic traditions and brought the culture of the Vikings into the modern present. Anyone who has seen the masks and costumes of the more recent shows must admit that they successfully reimagined the Vikings.
This creative preservation of cultural heritage inspires people all over the world. No less a figure than Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer (“Gladiator”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”) recruited the kings of the minstrels to compose music for “Ironclad” for this very reason. Their bagpipes and drums can be heard in the BBC documentary “The Crusaders”, presented by Monty Python legend Terry Jones, as well as in the computer game “Dragon Age”. Finally, even the producers of the most successful TV series of all time “Game of Thrones” were so impressed that they invited the band to play live on the set of the series during filming.
Besides the main band activities, Corvus Corax realised several special projects: With a lot of heart and soul they created their settings of individual texts from the Carmina Burana – the most famous medieval song manuscript. “Cantus Buranus” combines film music with historical instruments, orchestral instrumentation and epic chorales. In addition, they realised a special Corvus Corax show together with the well-known taiko drummers of “Wadokyo”. Another German highlight was the live performance of “Die Zwerge” (The Dwarves) – the most successful German fantasy novel series by Markus Heitz – together with Johannes Steck.
With these two artists, they also brought their next big project, the first “Fantastical” of 2017, to the stage. “The Curse of the Dragon” combines historical music with fantasy literature, acting and musical performance. In 2022, a new experiment will be launched: in collaboration with guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö (KREATOR, WALTARI), the new band project “Corvus Corax Era Metallum” combines the Nordic works of Corvus Corax with the hard sound of metal, off the usual paths of the well-known medieval rock.
So you can’t say Corvus Corax “only” make medieval music. Corvus Corax combine historical music with modern fantasy elements, they experiment with different cultural sounds and crazy instruments. It doesn’t matter whether they play in a club, in a concert church, at the Kaltenberg Knights’ Tournament or in front of thousands of metal heads at the Wacken Open Air:
Corvus Corax know how to get people to dance and jump around crazily – just as you know it from the St Vitus Dance from the Middle Ages.

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Castus Karsten Liehm

CASTUS (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Vocals, bagpipes, biniou, shawm, bombarde, cister, trumscheit, hurdy-gurdy

“White ravens are rare birds.”

(German saying)

Colourful ravens are even rarer. But anyone who experiences Castus’ versatility on the instrument and with his voice may recognise the colourful raven.

Norri der Drescher

NORRI (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Drums & Percussion

“Only in movement, painful as it may be, is there life.”

(Jacob Burckhardt)

And so the exceptional percussionist has always been on the move, is busy and almost never comes to rest. He finds his peace in music and especially on stage…



HATZ (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Drums & Percussion

“A life without books is like a life without friends.”

(Heidi Maria Artinger)

So when Hatz is not on stage, you will never find him without a book; because nothing captivates Hatz more than art, whether written or drummed.

Micha, der Frick

MICHA (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Bass citole

“Music should be something that makes you gotta move, inside or outside.”

(Elvis Presley)

Nothing remains unmoved when the Frick starts to make the strings of his bass guitar vibrate masterfully. But also off stage, his moving manner captivates everyone.



VICTOR (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Bagpipes, shawms, flutes, hurdy-gurdy – Since 2019


XANDRU (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Bagpipes, shawms – Since 2019


Alex (c) ROCK & ROYALTY – Heiko Roith

Bass citole

Alex joined the band in 2022 as a stand-in for Micha during his pregnancy – since then he has been playing bass for the ERA METALLUM project and alternates with Micha on the bass citole at Corvus Corax gigs.